How to lose weight without ditching any foods and cut 2,500 calories from your diet now


It is very good to lose a ton of weight, but if it is unsustainable, what is the point?

If you want to live your healthier life, you should look for ways in which you can eliminate body fat, and not recover it.

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And a big part of that is making sure you can still eat your favorite foods.

It is a very familiar cycle, shed the pounds on a fad diet before watching her rise again as soon as she starts eating again.

But it does not have to be like that.

An expert has revealed that some simple changes to your diet can dramatically reduce calories, without prohibiting any food.

NOT bad meals

Graeme Tomlinson, also known as The Fitness Chef, has been sharing sandwich exchanges with his fat Instagram followers by ages: teaching on portion control and caloric content.

"There are no good or bad foods," he tells The Sun, 31.

"I am really trying to encourage people to include all kinds of foods enjoyed in their diet.

"A common problem that we have had within us because of the diet culture is the misconception that certain nutritious foods help fat loss."

It's about controlling portions

He insists that calories are what determine body composition.

So, while you need ultranutritive foods for our vital functions, calorie control determines the amount of fat we have.

Any meal enjoyed can be eaten in moderation … and any meal can fit within our plan

Graeme Tomplinson

"This is related to how many calories we consume and how much we move," he says.

"It's very simple. Walnuts and a milkshake are definitely nutritious and satiating than chocolate and chips, but if they are all equal in calories, they will finally have the same effect on body composition."

That means you can have your favorite treats as long as you understand how caloric they are and consider that caloric content in the rest of your diet.

"Any food enjoyed can be eaten in moderation," says Graeme.

"But if we have a nutritional goal, it is probably a good idea that we know the nutritional information of the food we eat.

"This way we will realize that any food can fit our plan, but the most important thing is how much.

"Low-calorie alternatives can be a great inclusion for those who enjoy original calorie-rich products, but who want to reduce calorie intake for fat loss."

Easy swaps

1. bacon

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Do you love a bacon sarnie for breakfast? Well, just switch from having bacon to bacon medallions.

Not only will you get a much meatier meal, but you will go from 108 calories to 45 calories Y Get rid of many saturated fats.

2. coffee

An easy way to reduce calories is to simply go from drinking coffee with milk (or at least whole milk) to black things.

Coffee with milk weighs 50kcals, while black coffee has less than 5kcals per cup.

You don't like black coffee? Try herbal teas or switch to skim milk.

3. ice cream

Halo Top ice cream contains about 25 percent of the calories in a Ben and Jerry bathtub.

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4. Alcohol

You don't have to get rid of beer just because you are trying to eliminate body fat.

Becks Premium Light contains half the calories of standard bottles, while the thin tonic reduces G&T glasses by 60kcals.

5. Soft drinks

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Coca-Cola Light has zero calories compared to, for example, "high-fat" Coca-Cola that contains 150 calories and up to seven teaspoons of sugar.

Energy drinks are not the best for you, but if you want to drink them, switching to a lighter version can help you save more than 220 calories per can.

6. Steak

Different cuts of meat have different amounts of calories, thanks to their fat content.

Sirloin tends to be an option for many steak lovers, but it can be quite fatty.

The steak, on the other hand, tends to be quite expensive but, realistically, you shouldn't eat too much red meat anyway.

So it is probably better to spend a little more to eat a little less.

200 g of sirloin weigh 510kcals.

200 g of fillet, in comparison, contain only 312kcals.

7. chocolate

Diet experts tend to say that you have to switch to eating dark chocolate if you still want to have the strange cocoa.

But Graeme says that all you have to do is reduce the size of your milk chocolate bar.

Go for a trusted Freddo with Cadbury's milk and you'll end up saving almost 150kcals per pop.

That doesn't mean you can't eat the originals, but Graeme says it's better to enjoy them more sparingly.

There is only one rule to lose body fat, and it is to maintain a calorie deficit.

It doesn't have to be complicated, but you must realize that fat loss can take time.

"For a real change to occur, we must take responsibility instead of subscribing to money-making machines.

"We need to think rationally and apply common sense.

"If fat loss requires a calorie deficit, it is probably a good start to become aware of the calories we consume."

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